Aplastic anaemia is a condition in which there is shortage of red blood cells due to suppression of the bone marrow. This condition frequently occurs due to chemical agents, infections or even due to nutritional deficient.

The patient may complain of symptoms like increased blood clots called petechiae, haemorrhages and fatigue. They are more prone to infections and have a weaker immune response. After diagnosis, the patient is advised to take treatment for the condition.

There are many treatment options for aplastic anaemia. The patient can choose to receive medical therapy which involves antifibrinolytic agents and antibiotics to regulate the symptoms or can choose the stem cell therapy.

Aplastic anaemia is prevalent in Kenya. Despite this, there are not enough treatment centres which are capable of providing the most advanced treatment procedures. Stem cell therapy is not available as easily. Even if it is present, it is an expensive procedure which is not affordable by the general populace.

The cost of stem cell treatment is approximately $20,000 to $50,000. This is exclusive of the post-treatment medications. Stem cell therapy requires constant usage of immunosuppressive therapy. Due to these complications, effective treatments like stem cell therapy fail to be a viable option for the people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of cancer are there?
There are more than 100 types of known cancer types.

What are the early symptoms of blood cancer?
The most common symptoms of the blood cancer include: fever or chills,
chronic feeling of fatigue and tiredness, loss of appetite, frequent infections
and night sweats.

Why does the diagnosis seem to delay in most of the cases?
Cancer cells multiply literally billions of times before the symptoms start to
show. That is why some methods of screening and prevention are important.

What is bone marrow?
Bone marrow is the soft centre of the bones where blood cells are formed.
When these immature blood cells start dividing rapidly it causes the
overcrowding of abnormal blood cells as a result of which cancer develops.

What should be done in case of any of these symptoms?
Since the blood cancer symptoms are quite vague, one should see the
doctor if the symptoms are unusual for the person as well as last for a longer

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