Treatment of Lymphomas- Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s

Treatment of Lymphomas- Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s
Treatment of Lymphomas- Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s

Treatment of lymphoma is done after the analysis of the stage of lymphoma. Since every stage needs a specific different treatment whether Hodgkin’s or Non-Hodgkin’s to cure the disease. The stages of the lymphoma disease include from Stage I to IV. The stage I lymphoma involves one or more lymph node formation and when those lymph nodes intervene in other organs or forms more lymph nodes nearby being confined to either upper or lower diaphragm is beginning of stage II. Further when the lymphoma spreads within the body towards the other side of the diaphragm than it reaches stage III. The final stage IV is reached when this lymphoma reaches several portions and affecting multiple organs and even bone of the body.

Treatment of lymphoma is also decided by the doctor upon another diagnostic method of analyzing the presence or absence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma symptoms. This classification is done by assigning letter A in case of absence of significant cancer symptoms. However, letter B is assigned if significant cancer symptoms are present, like persistent fever, night sweats, and unreasonable weight loss etc. A complete evaluation of stage and symptoms along with test results contribute to decisive action of treatment of lymphoma.

Treatment of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma:

Treatment of lymphoma especially in case of Hodgkin’s lymphoma involves radiation and chemotherapy as a main line of treatment. Both the treatments in combination is also used in some of the HL cases if required. Very high dose of chemotherapy is also applied in some of the HL cases as a treatment option. Immunotherapy and stem cell transplant are the two last options available if an initial line of treatment of lymphoma does not work for the patient. But surgery is very rarely done as a treatment option in HL cases and is done only for the purpose of either biopsy or staging.

Treatment of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma:

Treatment of lymphoma has different approaches as per its type and if it is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma then the approach of waiting period also sometimes add up before treatment of lymphoma can actually be started. In some slowly progressing lymphomas, it is mainly a wait and sees approach which comes in first place. Because treatment of lymphoma cannot be started until a complete nature and symptoms along with affected parts and speed is not known properly. But this delay in treatment if applied also has a proper schedule which a patient has to follow under complete monitoring of condition with visits to a doctor at regular intervals. These tests ensure the advancement of cancer and its stage if it has reached a treatable condition or not. It even takes a few months to years sometimes to wait without any treatment until a lymphoma can be treated. Then the applicable treatment is chosen by the doctor amongst several available options like chemotherapy, radiation, combo, immunotherapy, and stem cell transplant etc.


Cost of Lymphoma Treatment in India:

Treatment of lymphoma in India is economical than several other countries. The actual treatment price might vary between 8 to 24 lakhs depending upon which line of treatment is applied. Chemotherapy or even radiation therapy will not cost as much as stem cell therapy can. But the stage of lymphoma will decide the kind of treatment which is required by the patient. But complicated cases might have to bear extra cost to deal with the last moment complication which appeared at the nick of the time. But the economic pricing of treatment of lymphoma offered by several Indian hospitals is leading to an increase in medical tourism every year.


Related FAQs:

Q1: Is BMT the only treatment of Lymphoma? 

A:  BMT is not considered to be the only option but instead is the last choice amongst several options for treatment of lymphoma. Since BMT is preferred when no other line of treatment works in treating the lymphoma. But BMT is also not applicable in every case of lymphoma it has its own set of requirements which can only be analyzed by the doctor if the patient is fit to undergo BMT or not.


Q2: Which is the best country for the treatment of Lymphoma and why? 

A: Over the past few years, India has earned a reputed image in the medical tourism industry. This is all because of the economic prices offered for several treatment options. So for treatment of lymphoma India is one of the top choices for quality as well as economic treatment. Several hospitals even provide online follow-up facility after the procedure or treatment of lymphoma is complete and it is a benefit for the international patients.


Q3: What is the success rate of Lymphoma’s treatment?

A: Treatment of lymphoma has a very good success rate of 86% and nearly more than five-year survival rate. This survival rate might get affected with the advanced stage of the disease but even a stage IV is capable of reaching 86% success rate. But the results greatly depends upon several factors of age, stage of disease, patient condition etc.