Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

In order to seek treatment for any disease, it is essential to identify its symptoms and get a proper diagnosis. So before starting with treatment of multiple myeloma you need to identify its symptoms and get a diagnosis with the help of a doctor. But if your symptoms have not yet appeared or you have smoldering multiple myeloma than you might not need treatment immediately but regular monitoring of condition to analyze its progression is required.

Once the signs and symptoms appear or if any progression of multiple myeloma is visible in tests than your doctor might take a call, to begin with, the treatment of multiple myeloma.

How long is the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma?

Every case of multiple myeloma cannot be treated in a similar way. Because every patient has some certain health conditions or complications. So goals of treatment need to be clear to eliminate myeloma cells, prevent or stop tumor growth, and spread, pain management etc.

Treatment of multiple myeloma can be done by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, medications, a combination of all or even by BMT. But a doctor can suggest the best possible way. Further, a complete treatment duration might also vary depending upon which option is picked and how the patient responds back. Along with treatment proper nutrition good palliative or supportive care must also be given to the patient for speedy recovery. Treating any cancer is time-consuming and a slow process which might take a few months to years depending upon the stage to heal and recover from the disease.

Treatment of multiple myeloma if succeeds completely might never be accompanied by any remissions else again treatment might be required for treating new myelomas.


How can I get low-cost treatment of Multiple Myeloma?

Cost-effective treatment of multiple myeloma is readily available in many countries. But the best prices offered these days include India. Over the past few years, India has emerged as a hub for medical tourism and its only because of its rising fame for good quality and efficient but still, cost-effective treatment approach for several diseases. Today, different forms of cancers are available and so are their treatment options. But the rising cost of the treatment with increasing demand especially in developed nations has affected the masses greatly. But with the availability of global standard treatments in India for every form of disease a completion has been built up for several there nations and their pricing strategies.

Even in India for every treatment, a person might have to do a bit of research to get the desired hospital with a certain prerequisite requirement. Although, these days this job is done easier by the information available on the internet and by a few Indian websites providing assistance in every aspect during medical tourism. So you can even reach us via chat and we can help you find the best hospital within India.


Related FAQs:

Q1: Is BMT the only treatment of Multiple Myeloma?

A: There are options like Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, and Immunotherapy for the treatment of multiple myeloma. But BMT comes into picture when all other options either fail or are not possible. BMT is not possible for every patient due to certain limitations however it has the potential to cure the disease.

Q2: Which is the best country for treatment of Multiple Myeloma and why?

A: Treatment of multiple myeloma is possible in nearly every developed country. But the prices of treatment of multiple myeloma offered in Indian hospitals is the best and economic. Indian hospitals do not compromise quality and efficacy at any time during the treatment but still, they offer decently low price with full assistance in every aspect for international patients.

Q3: What is the success rate of Multiple Myeloma’s treatments?

A: The success rate of the treatment of multiple myeloma has good figured data. Several data accumulations of every year reveal survival rates of decent percentage above 60%. Treatment of multiple myeloma certainly increases the patient’s survival by at least 4 to 5 years more than normal. Although, it becomes difficult to tell the exact duration a patient can survive but a calculate average is decent enough and successful.