Treatment of Sickle Cell

Treatment of Sickle Cell
Treatment of Sickle Cell

Treatment of sickle cell anemia or sickle cell disease is done by several treatment options. Some of them provide temporary relief from a crisis situation like blood transfusions. However, bone marrow transplant serves as a way to cure this condition of its root. Although, BMT is not possible in every case as a treatment of sickle cell. Because BMT has its own factors and limitations and every patient does not fit into that. Moreover, the cost of BMT can also be another area of concern for some of the patients.

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disease of red blood cells. The normal structure of the red blood cells is disc-like which has flexibility and can travel through the vessels with ease. But in sickle cell disease the normal structure of red blood cell is deformed into a crescent or sickle shape. The structural deformity also leads to rigidity in a structure which makes it difficult for the cells to easily travel through the blood vessels and hence might cause blockage and sickle cell crisis situation which is painful and damaging to tissues.

Bone marrow transplant provides a potential cure for sickle cell disease but it is difficult to get the perfectly matching donor for BMT. So many patients have to rely on temporary relief from the disease by aiming to avoid the crisis, preventing complications, and relieving symptoms. Medications also help in managing the condition and minimizing pain along with a contribution to the treatment of sickle cell.


How long is the Treatment of Sickle cell?

Time is taken to prove the treatment of sickle cell effective can vary greatly from one person to another. Because the complexity of the disease varies in every patient with sickle cell disease. Some patients show severe anemia symptoms whereas other exhibits mild to moderate anemia symptoms. Further with complications like stroke and acute chest syndrome during treatment of sickle cell things might even take a longer toll to settle down and even months or years of regular interval transfusions might be required to combat the situation.

Patients are treated with Hydroxyurea to deal with sickle cell crisis situation along with blood transfusions. But this might not be enough in severely complicated scenarios and further additional treatment is required. Which in turn might increase up the time to recover from the situation. However, for the patients who can undergo BMT, it might take a few months to 1 year to get a firm treatment of sickle cell disease and it is actually the real cure of the disease.


How can I get low-cost treatment of Sickle cell?

India is a hub these days for several economic as well as good quality effective treatments for several diseases. People belonging to regions having endemic malaria are usually carriers of sickle cell disease. Such countries include Africa, Saudi Arabia, the Mediterranean region, and even India. But a maximum number of cases emerging in Africa every year are at times not handled properly due to either lack of sufficient medical services or doctors or either due to its price. But Indian hospitals helps in the treatment of sickle cell disease with utmost care and low-cost effective treatment therapy. So India in itself is emerging as the most preferred country for low-cost and effective medical treatment for sickle cell and many other conditions.


Related FAQs:

Q1: Is BMT the only treatment of Sickle Cell? 

A: No, BMT is not the only treatment of sickle cell. Since there are options like some medications, blood transfusions, etc. But is the only way to cure the disease when all other options do not work for the treatment of sickle cell. Although, not every patient can undergo a BMT and your doctor can only suggest if it is a feasible option for you or not.


Q2: Which is the best country for the treatment of Sickle Cell and why? 

A: These days India is a hub for medical tourism offering several medical procedures and treatments at a far better and economic price than other countries. So India is today considered at par with all another world famous medical centers and is capable of treating every disease like a sickle cell at economic prices.


Q3: What is the success rate of Sickle Cell’s treatment?

A: Treatment of sickle cell increases the survival chances of the patient which otherwise are less due to prevailing conditions of sickle crisis etc. Bone marrow transplant is most often used to cure sickle cell disease especially, in cases when nothing else works. The Bone marrow transplant done in younger patients turns out to be more successful. Every treatment of sickle cell has its own rate of success but it greatly depends upon the complications and situation of the patient as well.