Treatment of Thalassemia

Treatment of Thalassemia
Treatment of Thalassemia

Treatment of thalassemia becomes mandatory in people with this disease. Because thalassemia causes a defect due to which new hemoglobin is not produced in the body which in turn inhibits new red blood cell formation. Thalassemia is not an infectious disease but instead is a genetically acquired the disease by birth.

This disease is very common among the population of South Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern countries, and also in Africa, and China. A special blood test known as hemoglobin electrophoresis is done to analyze if a person has thalassemia condition or not. So in case you want to know if you are at risk of it you may discuss it with your doctor and get a test done to get a clear diagnosis of it and opt for treatment of thalassemia.

Also, one gene from the mother and another form the father might result in three types of the condition which include Thalassemia Minor, Thalassemia Minor, or Thalassemia Intermedia. Moreover, blood transfusions at regular intervals are the treatment upon which maximum patient rely for lifelong. It enables the patients to survive through the condition comparatively in the normal situation than without transfusions. Since there is no certain cure of this disease for every patient and research is still on for that. But a bone marrow transplant (BMT) is a newly reliable option for a cure but that too is not possible in every patient’s case. BMT has its own criteria and requirements which are not fulfilled in every cased besides it is also an expensive option.

How long is the Treatment of Thalassemia?

Treatment of thalassemia can require blood transfusions usually every 2 to 4 weeks depending upon the condition of the patient. It helps the patient to form new red blood cells which are required for survival. But when these red blood cells broke down than it leads to excessive iron in the body. Iron is essential for the body but an excess of it leads to organ failure and even death. So this excess of irony also needs to be removed at times to restore the functioning of the vital organs like the heart, liver, lungs, etc.

New drugs for chelation of iron causing its removal are available nowadays. This helps the patients survive normally without many complications. Which is otherwise not easy to remove excessive iron buildup from the tissues and leads to a fatal situation. Life expectancy and even quality of life of thalassemia patients are improved by new medical advancements coming each day like iron chelators.

Treatment of thalassemia begins after a proper series of test to analyze the type and condition of the patient with the condition. Besides, the blood transfusions and medications there are options of getting bone marrow transfusion done, spleen or gallbladder removal surgery if required.

How can I get low-cost treatment of Thalassemia?

Treatment of thalassemia is available at a very economical price and with good success rates and highly satisfied patients from several international countries do opt it. India has recently turned into a place of choice for international patients for the treatment mainly because of comparatively cheap and high-quality treatment optioned offered by several Indian hospitals. The Indian medical resources have gone global after since internet and online systems have hit the world. Everything is available on websites you can get complete assistance regarding treatment from consultation bookings to even accommodation options. There are online portals run to help the international patient during their medical visits in India. We are one of the renowned medical assistance providers and you may reach for issues like finding the best suitable hospital for any particular disease to finding the best doctor for you in entire India. Feel free to reach us via live chat on our portal for any queries.

Related FAQs:

Q1: Is BMT the only treatment of Thalassemia?

A: No, there are other options for the treatment of thalassemia. Like blood transfusions, medications, and surgeries for spleen and gallbladder removal as per the requirement of the case. But BMT is the till date most reliable way to cure this condition of thalassemia whereas others can only help in the treatment of thalassemia.

Q2: Which is the best country for treatment of Thalassemia and why?

A: India is considered to be the best country for the treatment of thalassemia. Because of the economic and standard quality treatment options offered.

Q3: What is the success rate of Thalassemia’s treatment?

A: Treatment of thalassemia has a good success rate by helping the patients live a normal life. Further, patients with less than 30 years of age without treatment of thalassemia has lesser chances of heart complications but the risks increase without treatment. Although severe anemia is minimized by treatment of thalassemia which reduces chances of organ failure and other fatal conditions.