BloodCancerCure provides rapidly evolving and readily available treatment. Blood-related disorders such as Leukemia, Thalassemia and many more is a large group of malignancies that cause quite a damage to the patient’s health and wellbeing, often leading to fatality. With the advancement of newer methodologies, the remission and survival rates are showing a marked improvement.

From regularly used conventional techniques like chemo and radiotherapy to recent upcoming bone marrow transplantations even for the rarest of disorders like Wescott-Aldrick Syndrome, BloodCancerCure specialize in it all. Going a step ahead, BloodCancerCure has also started to promote awareness about cancer among masses. After all, awareness is the first line of defense against diseases. Therefore the BloodCancerCure team has put up a concise guide to blood cancer, covering all its key aspects, such as causes, types, symptoms and signs, and stages, treatment, and cure. So, read on and stay informed.

The non-affordable patients can also request for a free stay or cheap flight tickets in India which helps the patients utilize their money on treatment.  The post-discharge medicines are also given at 20% discounts.

BloodCancerCure is not just talking about simply managing cancer but we are aiming to cure cancer to see patients experiencing complete remission.

The doctors at BloodCancerCure provide free online video & phone consultations for International patients. Our pediatric hematologist provides free consultation and guidance to thalasemmia and sickle cell patients and families so that the treatment can be planned at the appropriate stage.

Diagnosing the blood disorder thalassemia is not as straightforwardly easy as many doctors think and relying on a simple blood test might miss people with thalassemia traits. Diagnosing thalassemia usually begins with a blood test, with follow-up tests prescribed for only those patients whose tests showed a low mean cell volume (MCV) in their blood. However, not all thalassemia traits show up with low MCV’s. It is actually of two types, thalassemia minor and major. With thalassemia minor, the day-to-day impact is small and most people are unlikely to notice it.

However, the question of concern arises when two people with thalassemia minor marry, they might have children with thalassemia major, a major medical disorder.

So these are only a few types of blood disorders we have talked about, there are many more types of Leukemia such as Aplastic Anaemia, Hodgkin’s & Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma,  Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), Sickle cell anemia, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Thalassemia, Wilm’s tumor and many other rare Leukaemia’s.

The cost of bone marrow transplant is the lowest in the country and special attention is given to the patients who have a previous crisis or hospital admissions. Once the patient reached back to his country, he can follow up on video consultations and phone consultations with the doctors for 6 months. The team at blood cancer cure is fully trained to handle visa documents, medical visa extensions, other support such as admissions and discharge in the hospital.

Thus, Blood Cancer Cure aspires to provide the incomparable best of services to our patients to get better without any worries. We are one of the leading companies striving towards a healthier world. We have the best of doctors, paramedical staff, equipments and facilities with over 10 years of experience.