According to us, the patients as well as their families already have a lot on their plates that we need not worry them with additional hassles. We work hard to make their lives easier and healthier by taking care of everything ranging from travel documentations to the post-treatment follow-ups.

  • MEDICAL OPINION: Haven’t made up your mind yet? Don’t worry! We are there at your service. We can provide brief consultation services from our most experienced doctors. All you need to do is send us your medical reports and tests via e-mail. Our experts will analyse the case and then get back to you via an e-mail or video call to guide you. All this is free of cost.
  • VISA DOCUMENTS ASSISTANCE: We have access to the best of visa and travel consultants to ease your travel worries. We provide expert guidance in the matters of documents required for a medical visa.
    WHO ALL CAN APPLY FOR THE VISA? All those foreign nationals are eligible for an Indian medical visa who seek medical treatment only in recognized/reputed specialized hospitals/medical centres of the country.
    According to the medical visa rules, up to 2 attendants who are blood relatives are allowed along with the patient under a separate medical attendant visa. Their visa validity will be the same as that of the medical visa.
    The following list of ailments (not an exhaustive list) would be of primary consideration: serious ailments like neurosurgery; bone marrow transplant; heart-related problems; ophthalmic disorders; renal diseases; organ transplantation; gene therapy; plastic surgery; radiotherapy; joint replacement etc.
    WHAT IS THE VALIDITY? The initial duration of the visa is upto a year or the period of treatment, whichever is less. The visa will be valid for maximum 3 entries per year.
    Kindly note that the visa duration starts on the day of issuance, not on the date of entry into India.
    WHAT IS THE VISA FEE? The visa fee varies depending upon which country you belong. Here is the complete information:
    For more information kindly visit the following link:
  • APPOINTMENTS: We understand that even getting a small medical treatment or therapy requires a great deal of effort and planning. You need to be fully aware of the procedure and well-coordinated with the hospitals. Who does that the best? Us! We are trained to plan everything starting from your applications to getting you the best doctors as early as possible to your stay and everything.
    We are collaborated with the most reputed names in the country. Also, we can easily get you in touch with appropriate multi-speciality facility. This helps you to take the best possible decision for your well-being.
  • ACCOMODATION: We realise coming to a different country and getting treated can be a nightmare so in order to make your lives a little easier we have the provision for the patient as well as the attendants to stay ad recover during the treatment procedures. The booked guest houses are homely with all the basic facilities at affordable prices of $12-$15 per day. It includes the meals as well as small kitchens for your comfortable stay.
    We generally provide you the list of nearby motels and guest houses for your convenience so that you can easily adjust to the new environment. The staff is friendly and understanding of the situation and works round the clock to provide you the best services.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Don’t think that our responsibility ends once your treatment is complete. For a successful medical procedure, regular follow-ups are necessary especially in cancer cases. We arrange for timely follow-ups with your respective doctors and keep you updated about your condition.