Bone marrow transplant centers

Bone marrow transplant (BMT) is a procedure required by such patients whose bone marrow either gets damaged or degenerates due to some hereditary or acquired disease. Some of the diseases requiring BMT are lymphomas, immune deficiency disorders, multiple myeloma, leukemia, aplastic anemia, and sickle cell anemia etc. Sometimes even a pre-treatment with chemotherapy or radiation is also required.

But unlike the organ transplantation cases, the medical insurance companies do not cover the entire BMT cost incurred by the patients. Every insurance plan has different terms and conditions. So in order to know more about it you must refer your medical insurance terms and conditions or else you may even approach the company for any concerns.

India offers a reasonable bone marrow transplant cost in comparison to other country prices. The BMT cost might vary between 15 to 30 lakh depending upon the type of hospital opted. Although every Indian hospital providing bone marrow transplant is equipped with the required facilities and has best doctors.

Why Bone Marrow Transplant cost in India is very less?

The cost of Bone marrow transplant centers is inexpensive which makes India a very popular medical tourism destination for several international patients. Including the stay, travel, and treatment in one of the top-notch Indian hospitals is accounted as affordable rather than the treatment pricing offered by US, UK, and several European countries. Where the Indian treatment cost for bone marrow disease ranges between 30 to 40 lakh including everything. On the other hand bone marrow treatment, pricing is 3 to 4 times the Indian pricing in some countries. The cost difference mainly is because of some of the charges which are standardized by the regulatory bodies and government involvement of each country.

How can  Bone Marrow Transplant cost be reduced?

Indian hospitals are offering bone marrow transplant cost at very economical pricing and all the facilities are provided by the hospitals at very cheaper prices without any quality compromise. So a decrease in BMT cost is feasible only if other countries minimize the taxes charged on a few things or any extra expenses during hospitalization. Even providing outpatient sessions of chemo and radiations during pre-treatment when hospitalization is not mandatory is also a way to reduce the BMT price. Further insurance plans can help in minimizing the financial burden by always opting medical insurance for financial security. While doing that even the best possible plan covering major parts of procedures for any disease must opt.

Further reduction of bone marrow transplant center cost in India is also feasible if the government and private hospitals come in alliance against these deadly bone marrow disorders. Indian government can further implement a few measures to minimize the transplant cost.

Related FAQs:

1) Q: How much does a bone marrow transplant cost with insurance? 

A: Bone marrow transplant cost effects less on the pocket of the patient if medical insurance covers the disease for which a transplant is done. But in most of the chronic diseases for which transplant is experimental, the medical insurance does not cover the entire transplantation cost. And it also depends upon the type of plan you have opted that if the disease treatment is covered for bone marrow transplant than what extra it covers besides the basic treatment cost. Mostly the donor search and tests of a donor are not covered in the insurance cost. So even with insurance coverage, a bone marrow transplant cost might variably affect the patient’s pocket ranging from Rs 3 to 6 lakh or more and further depends upon which hospital is selected.

2) Q: How much does a bone marrow transplant cost without insurance? 

A: Like in most of the cases either the patient is not medically insured or the patient’s insurance company does not cover the disease or bone marrow transplant cost. So without insurance the entire treatment cost including diagnostic tests, medicines, bone marrow transplant cost, donor search, and tests if required, etc will have to be paid by the patient on his own. The actual amount might vary between 10 to 20 lakh depending upon the hospital opted and a price will be even less in case of the government hospital.

3) Q: What is bone marrow transplant cost when a donor is a full match? 

A: Bone marrow transplant cost reduces to only basic procedure cost when a donor is a full match. Because the chances of GVHD and complications reduces in such case. This further minimizes the chance of extra expenses which can occur post procedure.

4) Q: What is bone marrow transplant cost when a donor is Half matched?

A: If a transplant involves the Half match donor than there is a high risk of rejection, graft failure, GVHD etc and this even poses the risk of extra expenses beyond the bone marrow transplant cost. A rejection might create a situation in which another transplant is required for the survival along with once again finding the donor. Hence, the expenses further multiply and there will be no extreme limit which can be required while dealing with complications during hospitalization. The expense might go beyond 30 or 35 lakh or even more.