Blood Cancer Cure is a common type of cancer majorly attacks the blood, bone marrow, or lymphatic system. Three significant kinds of blood cancers are as leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Blood cancer can be very treatable in some cases, because of the revolution in the traditional treatment methods. Many patients brought back to their healthy lives and stretched their life-span by strengthening the body cells against the blood cancer cells.
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Multiple Myeloma article published in The Hindu for public awareness, as we need to know that all Cancers are not the same and we can substantially prolong the life in Multiple Myeloma type of Blood Cancer by doing Autologous Transplant.

As per the latest studies are done, Early BMT in MM has been shown to increase the patient outcomes and prolong the survival of the patient. So patients of MM must opt for Bone Marrow Transplant to live a longer healthier and disease-free life and the cost is not the hindrance also and is very affordable at the Institute of Blood Disorders, FMRI, Gurugram.

The need of the hour is to educate and aware the people about the benefits of Early Bone Marrow Transplant for better results.