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Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) cost in India

Every country has its own mechanism of taxing and accounting other charges for any particular procedure. Hence, the stem cell transplant cost varies remarkably. Measures are being taken by several governmental institutions to get the stem cell transplant cost down. In India, stem cell transplant cost in most of the private run hospitals ranges between 10 to 20 lakh, however, in a government set up hospital the cost further declines and reaches somewhere between 5 to 7 lakh. This involves the basic price of stem cell transplant cost involves mainly the procedure cost. But in most of the cases complications and add on prescribed medications sums up in the treatment making the overall stem cell transplant cost reaching 9 to 10 lakh even in any government hospital.

Why Stem Cell Transplant cost in India is very less?

Stem cell therapy cost in India is comparatively very cheap rather than the price offered by several developed countries. India is currently offering excellent treatment therapies for several diseases at nearly one-tenth of the prices offered by the USA and Europe. Stem cell transplant cost might vary significantly all over the globe but none offers better prices than India currently with such excellent success rates and effective treatments.

The pricing offered by India for stem cell transplant cost is even lower than Thailand and other countries offering competitive medical treatment pricing. India is currently emerging as a hub for several medical treatments and medical tourism is increasing every year with a lot of money incoming in the healthcare sector. This is not only making India advance and adopt the high-tech modern facilities and grow in the medical field but it is also letting India earn a customer satisfaction in medical therapies as well. All this enables India in offering stem cell transplant cost at best economic prices.

How can Stem Cell Transplant cost be reduced?

In order to decrease down the stem cell transplant cost, more help from the private and government hospitals is required. Some tax deductions or extra charge removals from the stem cell transplant cost can make this procedure more economic and a normal person with an average salary can also afford to get this done and save a life of loved one.

Further, there are several hospitals which offer few outpatient services like chemotherapy sessions or radiations which are required mostly as pre-treatment before transplant. This decreases the stem cell transplant cost to a certain level. As it excludes the unnecessary hospitalization when it is not required. But a choice should be kept open for the patients to choose as per their finances and preferences. Because all patients especially foreign patients might not be looking for such options at the cost of giving up comfort and adding more of traveling even if it accounts to commuting from their temporary accommodation and hospital.

Related FAQs:

1) Q: How much does a Stem Cell transplant cost with insurance? 

A: Stem cell transplant cost with insurance also involves many expenses. Medical insurance companies do not provide full coverage. Although every company has its own norms normally it only covers the basic transplant cost. Which mostly excludes the travel expenses pre and post hospitalization expenses, medical device usage or transplant, a cosmetic perpetual requirement like wigs and medicines etc. It even requires pre-approval for transplants otherwise the company might deny the entitled compensation. Even the donor search and testing of the donor is not covered in insurance and has to be paid by the patient on his own pocket.

2) Q: How much does a Stem Cell transplant cost without insurance? 

A: Mostly all medical insurance companies do not cover every chronic degenerative disease requiring stem cell transplant. So in such cases, a person might pay everything including the transplant cost and other additional expenses of medicine, traveling, consultation, and even the cost added up by any complications etc. Although, a full and final transplant cost might vary depending upon the hospital opted. For a private hospital, the cost might be somewhere between 10 to 20 lakh and if any government hospital opts than this price might drop down to somewhere between 7 to 10 lakh. The final cost can only be offered by the hospital as per the condition and complexity evaluation of a patient.


3) Q: What is Stem Cell transplant cost when a donor is a full match? 

A: Stem cell transplant cost reduces greatly if a donor is a full match. Although, this is very hard to find a perfect 100% match. Even an identical twin at times do not show a complete match. But if it happens then it reduces the chances of several complications and extra immunosuppressant medications and unnecessary hospitalization. So this accounts for a basic transplant cost somewhere between 10 to 15 lakh in a good private hospital.

4) Q: What is Stem Cell transplant cost when the donor is Half match?

A: Stem cell transplant cost varies significantly depending upon the fact that a donor is a half-match or a full. Although this is a life-saving procedure, it does have its own connected risks. In case of a half match donor, the chances of developing risks increases and more preventive measures are required adding a cost of immunosuppressant medications etc. Even after that, a rejection or graft failure leads to an entire waste of cost and everything has to be done again with managing complications as well. This might even lead to adding up an additional cost and it might even cross 20 lakh at times and reach up 30 to 35 lakh.