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3.        TERMS

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The Website  is an online platform where you can upload your health records electronically and avail online consultation either through mail/text or video from health experts on the Website itself.  The user allows the administrators of the Arvene healthcare website to evaluate, share and pass on the information in order to provide free/paid consultations or second opinion based on the inputs of prescription provided by the User. Users can make the payment online to Us Once the Users have logged into the website, they will have the option to take a paid text/video consultation based on the discretion of the team of Arvene healthcare.

When you sign up on the website it means that the user is giving consent to disclose medical records and history while consulting with the Doctor and Arvene Healthcare. This platform is not intended to replace a physical visit to a doctor because of limitations of the platform. Usually the doctor will try his/her best to answer the email/text queries within 48 hrs but in some cases that may take longer and We will not be responsible for any such delays from the healthcare provider/doctors side.  The user is required to be online at the time of video consulting, else the company will not be hold responsible for re-scheduling the call. It will be a sole discretion of the service provider and company go take up any such request.


Arvene Healthcare is a web based platform which is based on patient centric features and provide following Services:

Uploading medical history including:

    Basic information with the specific columns like Name/Age/Sex/Body   Weight/Height etc.

    Generic information pertaining to the genetic disease in his/her family.

    Allergies (if any)

    Past cured disease

    Current Disease

    Current Medications

    Editing and updating medical history.

    The records may not be maintained by Arvene Healthcare on the platform.

     Arvene Healthcare will not take any responsibility for lost medical records.


6.                 REGISTRATION


To fully avail the Services of the Application and use it, registration by the User or an individual who is authorized by such User is required.  As a part of registration process you agree to provide Arvene Healthcare current, complete, and accurate registration information as prompted to do and to maintain and update this information as required to keep it updated, complete and accurate. You are required to register by providing your entire medical history with the specific columns as mentioned below: The mandatory fields are notified to the user to carry forward a consultation which includes but not limited to:

      Name, Email id, Phone number, Age, Sex, Body Weight, Height etc.

      Family history of diseases.